Pandemic suspends Anthony Howard Award for Young Journalists 2020

It is with regret that we announce the suspension of the Anthony Howard Award for Young Journalists 2020 for one year. Unfortunately, we can no longer accept entries for this year.

The award offers the winner two six-month fellowships with the political teams of the New Statesman and the Times. Currently, under the terms of the government’s Covid-19 restrictions, many journalists are working from home and avoiding face-to-face contact with colleagues and politicians.

While technology makes this possible, it cannot replicate the day-to-day interaction that a young journalist needs to learn their craft. In the circumstances, we feel it best to suspend the award for one year, aiming to reopen it in February, 2021.

We appreciate that this will disappoint many hopeful candidates. We apologise, but hope that you will consider entering next year instead, when we will raise the upper age limit to 28.


"The great pleasure of editing a paper is the chance you are given to encourage talent"

Anthony Howard, 2008